Ways to visit the Eiffel Tower

Visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must for all first timers in Paris. But even if you have already visited it, you’ll want to go again for sure. BUT, if you haven’t prebooked anything, this is the queues you will be facing.

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To make your life easier and avoid wasting half of your trip to see the Iron Lady, here are a few suggestions :


Euro 2016

The Euro 2016 is well under way in various French cities. To commemorate this event, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussman, the temple of fashion and one of the most famous department store in the world, offersa rather fabulous football bag.

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First Timers in Paris

So you’re going to Paris for the first time. And you are wondering what exactly you should do given the numerous things there are to see in the city of lights. It depends of course on what you are going for, who you are going with and what you like doing. So, here are a few ideas for let’s just call it, the usual tourist.

Use and abuse the public transport. It’s fast, frequent and cheap. You never wait for much more than 2 mins to hop on a metro. The buses are equally efficient and also wheelchair friendly which the metro is not.


Know Your Way Around The Paris Metro

Métro - IndicationThe Paris metro is easy. Well, we would say that! But it is, honest! Really there are 4 modes of transport in Paris. The metro, the Buses, the RER which are bigger carriages and serves main stations and the Tram which you find at the edges of the city. And you could throw in a 5th one which is the funicular of Montmartre and which can be boarded using the normal metro tickets or Paris Visite travel cards.

So, what’s to know to use the Metro? Well, where you’re going is a good start. But make sure that you know what is the number of the line and the name of its last station. Why? Because when you enter the metro, at most stations it will first show you only that. You will see the line number, such as M8 and the name of the last station. And of course, there will be two directions or even three sometimes, unless you are at the very end of a line. So you will see for example M8 Balard and M8 Créteil Pointe du Lac. So at this point, you need to know in which direction you are going. Then once you’ve reached the last set of stairs leading to the platform, you will see all the interim station names on a wall chart.