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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My electronic vouchers have not arrived

If your electronic vouchers have not arrived in your mail box, what you need to do?

Cabaret Shows in Paris

Going to a Parisian Cabaret during your trip to Paris?

French Customs

What you are allowed to take or bring back during your vacation

French Food

What is the food like in France?

French Money

Currency used in France and Europe

French Time

Don't miss your visits !

Health in France

Health problems during your vacation ? You are in the right country.

Language in France

France facts: do the French speak English?

Paris Airport Transfers

Airport transfers from Charles de Gaulle CDG (aka Roissy) and Orly ORY

Paris Museum Passes

What are the advantages and how to use it

Paris Sightseeing tours

The Paris open-top sightseeing tour

Paris Theme Parks

Attraction parks in Paris

Paris Visite Travel card

General Questions on how to use a Paris Travel Card

Seine Boat Cruises

Everything you need to know about boat cruises in Paris

Visas for US citizens

You don't require a Visa for your holiday in Paris

Weather in Paris

France Tourist Information : what's the weather like in France?


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