Getting around Paris might seem like a formidable task, however rest assured that the Paris Metro and RER systems are very easy to use, and everything is clearly signed.  Buying your tickets in advance means you won’t have to queue up at the automatic machines when you arrive and have to decipher the various tickets on offer to see which is the best for you. On this page you will find Paris Visite Travelcards, Airport transfers and single metro tickets to specific destinations such as Disneyland and the Palace of Versailles. As the official UK distributor for the RATP tickets (the Paris Transport Authority), we have the best range of Paris transport tickets to suit your trip.


If you aren't sure what you need, check out our Paris Maps page which has Paris Metro maps, RER maps, Open Tour bus maps and much more, and can help you to decide on the most suitable tickets for your trip to Paris.

We also have airport transfers in private or shared minibuses, which can take you directly to your hotel. Whilst these are more expensive than the metro and RER tickets, they are still good value for money and very convenient if you don’t fancy the idea of lugging your bags around the metro system!

For alternative ways of getting around Paris, we also have the Open top hop-on hop-off buses, and Batobus, both of which are practical but fun ways of visiting the city.  

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