Paris Metro Tickets

The Paris public transport system is the easiest and cheapest way to get around Paris. The metro system runs between zones 1-3 and the RER system are the faster trains that take you out to the suburbs of the city. If you buy your tickets in advance it means you can sail past the queues of people at the automatic ticket machines at Gare du Nord or Charles de Gaulle Airport and straight into the metro system.

A book of 10 single metro tickets, otherwise known as a Carnet, will enable you to use the metro and buses around the centre of Paris up to zone 3 and the RER in zone 1. Each of the 10 tickets is undated so can be used at any time, and the books can be split up among different people. This is a great and cost effective way of getting around Paris, although limited to 10 journeys. If you would prefer unlimited travel in the centre of Paris, a Paris Visite Travelcard might suit you better. If you want to check the zones, our maps page might be helpful.

If you are just wanting to pop out to Disneyland or the Palace of Versailles, or even watch a bit of Paris Rugby at the Stade de France, we have single journey tickets for all these. If you need a return remember to purchase 2 of tickets per person. These tickets are also undated and allow you to start anywhere within central Paris and take you out to the chosen station and back.

Hello Paris Ltd is the official UK distributor for the RATP tickets (the Paris Transport Authority).

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