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The French public transport system is very efficient, fast and frequent. The best travel ticket to buy for a visit in Paris is a Paris Visite TravelCard.

Paris Visite Travelcard

General Questions on how to use a Paris Travelcard

What is the Paris Visite Travelcard?
The card is specially designed to be good value for tourists to Paris or business people on short stays. It allows you to travel around the entire network for a limited number of days, so you don't have pay for a monthly pass for example, or use a large number of single tickets. The Paris Visite Travel Pass is a product of RATP, the Paris Transport Authority, for which Hello Paris is the authorised UK distributor.

How does the Paris Visite Travelcard work ?
The actual card is a little white ticket. Your Paris Visite travelcard is valid from the first time you insert the ticket into the automatic barriers at the Metro/RER stations or when validating it in the stamping machines on the buses. From this point on the card is valid for the number of calendar days printed on the card. Each day begins at 05:30 and ends at 05:30 the following day, so if you start to use, for example, your three day card at 12:30 on a Thursday, your card will be valid until 5:30 on Sunday morning.

I have received a booking confirmation with dates on it which do not match my travel date. How does that affect my Paris Visite Travelcard ?
It does not. This is simply a piece of paper for your records and the date is that at which we recorded the booking. Your Paris Visite Travelcard starts working on the day you put it through the validation machine in Paris.

There's space to write some kind of number and dates on the Paris Visite Travelcard. Am I supposed to do that ?
This will depend on your ticket and is for inspection purposes only. If the ticket has a space for your name (Nom - surname & Prenom - first name) you will need to fill in these details and then put the date from and to on the line below in the spaces provided.  We do advise that you don't fill these in until you are just about to use them just in case your dates change.

I have received a map with discount vouchers with the Paris Visite Travelcard. Do I have to have the actual Travelcard with me to use it ?
Yes you do. The vouchers are only valid upon presentation of a current Travelcard.

I have bought a Paris Visite Travelcard but my trip was cancelled. Can I get a refund?
Yes you can as long as you return the travelcards in perfect condition, not written on, not damaged in any way, and free from marks. You will be charged £5.00 for administration fees and original postage will not be refunded.

I have bought a Paris Visite Travelcard but I haven't used it. Can I use it on another trip?
Yes you can. The Paris Visite Travelcard is not dated and has no expiry.

I have bought a Paris Visite Travelcard for several days but have only used the 1st day. Can I use the rest of the days on another trip ?
No you can't. The Paris Visite Travelcard multi days only work as consecutive days and are counted as such from the first day of use.

What happens if I find my Paris Visite Travelcard does not work when I am in Paris?
The cards have a magentic strip on the back, so you need to try to keep it away from mobile phones. If it stops working you can take it to an RATP ticket desk and get it exchanged for free.

Paris Airport Transfers

Airport transfers from Charles de Gaulle CDG (aka Roissy) and Orly ORY

What ticket do I need to travel from CDG Airport to central Paris ?
You need a single RER Paris to/from CDG airport. This ticket allows you to travel from CDG airport to any station in central Paris once. If you need a return, buy two tickets. These tickets are the same whether you use them one way or the other.

How frequent are the RER trains from CDG to Gare du Nord ?
They run about every 10-15 minutes, but the frequency depends on the time of day travelling and the day of the week.

How do I find the RER station in Charles de Gaulle Airport?
The RER stations are well sign-posted in the airport. There are RER stations at Terminals 2 and 3 only. To get to one of these from Terminal 1 you can take the CDGVAL automated train, which operates between all three terminals and 2 car parks. They are free to use and run frequently. When you reach Terminal 2 or 3 look for the signs for 'Paris par train' and RER to find the RER station.

Single Metro Tickets

How can I buy a single journey metro ticket ?
The single metro t+ tickets available are in books of 10 single tickets. These are the tickets you need if you go from one station to the other for instance. If there are several of you you can share the book of 10 single tickets. We do not however sell a single ticket on its own. These tickets do not expire and can be used anytime in the future.

All my tickets say Paris to Versailles but I bought return tickets as well.
These tickets are valid for the line, not the direction, so they can be used in either direction.

Cabaret Shows in Paris

Going to a Parisian Cabaret during your trip to Paris?

For the cabaret shows, do you eat in the same room as the show?

Will I get in wearing jeans, trainers, shorts or t-shirts?
The answer to this is no - if you arrive for any of the Cabaret shows dressed in these clothes you run the risk of being refused entry.

Is there an age limit for the Cabaret shows?
No there is no limit, however there is partial nudity so probably not suitable for the under 12's.

Paris Museum Passes

What are the advantages and how to use it

Does the Paris Museum Pass really avoid queues?
At most museums there is a fast track queue especially for people with museum passes and pre-purchased tickets. It can save hours at the more popular museums. However due to tighter security measures in recent years, there may be a queue for the bag and security check.

Do children need the Paris Museum Pass?
No, most museums in and around Paris are free for children under 18 with a few exceptions which are not part of the main tourist museums. They are also free for everyone between 18 and 26 who are EU passport holders.

Are there reduced prices for OAPs?
No, the Paris Museum Pass has only one price. OAP’s do get reduced prices on entrance at each museums but have to queue to get in.

Does the Paris Museum Pass include any temporary exhibitions?
No, only permanent exhibitions are included

Are they valid for calendar days or hours?
No, they are valid for 48 hours (2 days), 96 hours (4 days) or 144 hours (6 days) from the first time you enter a museum and they are activated.

Can we use the Paris Museum Pass any time?
Yes you can. It is valid from the first activation for and for the 48,96 or 144 hours following, depending on how many days you have bought the pass for. 

Can I visit the same museum several times with the Paris Museum Pass?
No, the pass only gives you access to each museum once.

Paris Sightseeing tours

The Paris open-top sightseeing tour

Where can I pick up the open top sightseeing tour?
The hop on hop off Open Tour sightseeing buses can be picked up from anywhere along the 4 routes the bus takes. The yellow route also stops outside the Gare du Nord.

What happens on the open top sightseeing tour if it rains?
If it rains it is possible to sit downstairs which is covered. Upstairs is open so if it is sunny you are able to sit outside.

Seine Boat Cruises

Everything you need to know about boat cruises in Paris

Electronic vouchers have not arrived
If your electronic vouchers have not arrived in your mail box, make sure you check your Spam and your junk folders in case the e-mail did not make it to your inbox. If you still cannot see your voucher(s), email us on with your order number and we will check immediately for you. (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm).

Which direction do they go?
They go from the Eiffel Tower down the river towards Notre Dame, and back again

For the Lunch and Dinner cruises, when do you have to get there?
Boarding begins at 12:15 and leaves at 12:45 for the lunches and boarding starts at 19:45 and leaves at 20:30 for the Dinners, and they ask that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before the boat departs.

For the lunch and dinner cruises, will I be allowed in wearing jeans, trainers, shorts or t-shirts?
For the lunch cruise the answer is yes, so long as they are not ripped or ragged. However for the dinner cruise the answer is no. If you arrive for the dinner cruise dressed in these clothes you will not be allowed onto the boat.

What do the different names of the meals mean?
The different names mean the different parts of the boat where you will be sitting. Etoile Service is in the middle of the boat, Privilege service means you will be on the sides of the boat, and Premier service means you will sit at the front of the boat.

If I choose the Etoile service, will I still be able to see out?
The boats are covered in glass so you will be able to see out wherever you are seated.

Where do you pick them up from?
The Bateaux Parisiens are situated Quai Branly, which is just next to the bottom of the Eiffel Tower on the other side of the road. The Vedettes de Paris are on the other side of that same bridge.

Are there any refreshments on board the 1 hour cruises?
No, there are no food or drink facilities on the Bateaux Parisiens 1 hour cruise, however the Vedettes de Paris boats do have a bar, and you may have drinks or a snack included depending on the option you have chosen.

How do I receive my electronic vouchers?

If you have ordered an immediate PDF voucher, what you need to do?

You will need to click on the link displayed at the end of your order, once you have paid and been redirected back to our site. This will open up your PDF voucher which you will need to print out and take with you to the venue. If you forget to click on this link, or can't find your printed out copy, you can always log back into your account and reprint the voucher.

My electronic vouchers have not arrived

If your electronic vouchers for bookings have not arrived in your email inbox, what you need to do?

If your emailed vouchers have not arrived in your email inbox, make sure you check your Spam and your Junk folders in case the e-mail did not make it to your inbox. If you still cannot see your voucher(s), email us on with your order number and we will check immediately for you. (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm). 


For orders of material tickets under £50, these are sent by Royal Mail signed for both UK and Europe depending on the country.

For countries outside UK and Europe, or not part of the Royal Mail international signed for scheme, materiel tickets are sent by courier only.

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